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I’d like to thank everyone whose been so patient with us over the last couple months as we rebuilt the website. More and more of our follows on our last paid e-mail wanted to know more about how to properly find ways to invest in Vietnam through playing the pink sheets or otherwise mostly known as penny stocks. Well we have some great resources for you to choose from, these are just a few of the people we recommend when it comes to firstly understanding how to play these types of stocks and then secondly were going to tell you where to go to find Vietnamese companies to trade.

8 years ago we fell into a huge economic depression in Vietnam and the way we were able to get out is by properly playing our market. We used penny stock newsletters to help push our Vietnamese companies higher and higher, until the stock ticker just about broke off, then we sold our shares for a massive profile. Of course the rest of the world did not appreciate us leaving them holding the bag, but non the less this is how penny stocks are played. Vietnamese people are truly some of the best penny stock traders in the world, if we weren’t we would be still in a pile of debt. Of course this is just one way our country continues to thrive, from those looking to import/export and start businesses around our thriving nation, but in the end, what truly drives all these forces are people learning how to play this game of stocks.

Of course when we want to play the stock market then we have a totally different time zone we have to take into mind, but most people don’t mind because the profits are amazing. So for our first best penny stock newsletter review site we want to share with you Tipping Revolution, this is great site and page that shows the ease making tons of money by using newsletters to hype up products, but not only that, you can even hype up construction opportunities as well. The second is Belly Up stock trader Jim Bulu from Argentina, he’s said to be the best stock market educator, now we don’t think he is the “best” but he is very close, thusly why he is number two.

Our last recommendation for our list is Steve Nison, he teaches how to read candle sticks, you can learn more by clicking over.

Now lastly here are a few well playing Vietnamese companies that ARE or WILL go IPO possibly soon.

Vietnam online gaming firm VNG says eyeing U.S. IPO